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UPDATE: as of TODAY i have been kicked out by my roomie

so i'm here to ask for three things:

1. housing in seattle

this is the biggest one. i am now so desperate i'm looking for couches to crash on temporarily right away, but also i'd like to seek out something medium to long term so i have time to get my shit together. i'm currently broke and unemployed, with no family or anything to support me, so i can't really pay rent or anything like that yet (i am aware of how huge an ask this is). i will update this post if that changes. and hopefully it will, because...

2. job leads

i'm currently doing my best to job search. after having an utterly sanity-destroying time working in fast food pre-pandemic, that drove me to the brink of suicide, i am extremely wary of fast food or retail and have basically set the hard limit that i can't do anything public-facing for my own mental health's sake. my various mental illnesses further complicate matters, but i'm trying my best to find something that will work for me. my work portfolio is at

3. donations to keep me going in the meantime

and finally, i'm requesting donations to help keep me afloat. no real goal here, i can tell i'm gonna need as much slack as possible cut to avoid things going south... so, seriously, anything helps give me a bit more breathing room. thank you so much 🖤






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